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Suffering from Lifestyle Deficit Disorder™?

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Are you stressed, exhausted, overworked, and undervalued? Are your friends and family only getting your "leftovers"? Have you lost sight of the reason you became an entrepreneur in the first place? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are suffering from Lifestyle Deficit Disorder™ (LDD).

For any entrepreneur who is tired ... for any entrepreneur who has come to the end of their rope ... for any entrepreneur who is seeking a better way ... Perfect Day Connect is a lifeline.

How Exactly Does Perfect Day Connect Work?


Perfect Day Connect is entirely online. Access the course via smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. No need to be technologically savvy. The course is built in an incredibly user-friendly way that is easy to navigate between the lessons.



The course includes more than 20 video lessons, split into three modules. Each lesson includes video, worksheets, and an audio mp3 download for those that want to learn on the go.



You will get access to download all the course materials, including the lesson audio and PDF worksheets directly to your hard drive so that you can utilize the Perfect Day Connect curriculum whenever you need it.

The Perfect Day Connect Curriculum


There are six lessons in this module that will provide you with the foundation for designing your Perfect Day. From deep dives into the science of gratitude to constructing your Perfect Day pyramid, you'll leave this lesson with the ideal vision for maximizing your relationships, life and business.


There are eight lessons in this module that will provide you with the steps to start executing the Perfect Day vision you created in Module One. We'll spend our time talking about a strategic time management system and exactly how to delegate so you can focus only on the things in your zone of you-ness.


There are five lessons in this module that will give you the step-by-step instructions for optimizing your newly formed Perfect Day lifestyle. You'll learn how to approach your finances in a way that supports both your business and your ideal lifestyle. Walk away with a unique approach to building true wealth.

Meet Your Perfect Day Engineer

Cokie Berenyi

Cokie Berenyi has been in financial services and serving the needs of individual and institutional clients and entrepreneurs since 1996. Mother, author, business owner, financial “samurai” and Perfect Day engineer, Cokie loves food, wine, travel, stray dogs, goat cheese, tennis, and alpine mountaineering.

Founder of Alphavest, an industry pioneer that is right- sizing Wall Street one client at a time, Cokie inspires investors and entrepreneurs at-large with her vision and storytelling of her many experiences leading clients through the nancial and work-life-balance maze.

Author of Perfect Day and the Liberated Investor, a 40 under 40 recipient and Woman CEO of the Year 2012, Cokie is currently climbing the 7 Summits of the world and beat Stephen Colbert in the Charleston to Bermuda race in 2011. Founder of non-profits Rein & Shine and She CLIMBS, Cokie’s passion for entrepreneurship spans for-profit and not-for profit arenas, alike.

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